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Trying to find a youtube channel

I had a youtube video bookmarked a little while back and i lost it. Trying to re-find it.

Description: It's 2 karate-ka in a small room in an appartment. Assorted excercise equipment in the room. They both wear Gi's. One is white guy, one is asian.

Any ideas?

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Found it!! Went thru my youtube history. It's these fine chaps: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oFWZbEV9xS4

Les Bubka
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Hi mrjeffmacdonald

They are called Karate Culture, our dojo is a part of their global network,

really nice guys.

Kind regards

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Michael and Aaron are members of the same karate organization as me--or they were, I should say, but since their Sensei had to close his dojo, I suppose they wouldn't technically be members anymore, since membership is generally done at the dojo level. In any case, they are good guys, and do a good job of exploring kata. Personally, I'm not fond of all of their approach, but I rarely like everything from any one source, and they still have plenty of good material. In addition to being Shorin-Ryu karateka, they actively train in BJJ, and have done some videos blending the two.