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Pinan dvd help

Hey folks, what does the bunkai jujutsu vol 1 (green cover) offer that the pinan series complete fighting system doesn't(black cover) ? Is it worth getting both? Cheers Rhid

Iain Abernethy
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Hi Rhid,

The black cover DVDs show the specific drills I teach my own students. The green cover DVD gives a general overview of the katas. I made that one first, but what became clear from the seminars is that people wanted the specific drills; so, I made the “black cover” two volume set.

The black ones are very popular and account for around 50% of all our sales. I think that’s largely because they provide “plug and play” bunkai i.e. they include both the bunkai and a means to practise it.

The good news is that the website is set up to give every third DVD free. So you can effectively get the green one for free. Watch the black ones first and then the green one for the extra bits of bunkai / secondary applications.

I hope that helps?

All the best,