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Kata Oyo: Strike, Lock and Throw Flow!

This flow drill features kata oyo from Chinte and Kanku Dai. It starts with a wrist release/capture and strike from Chinte followed by a standing arm bar. A simple gyaku waza for the arm bar is included. The drill ends with a short combination from Kanku Dai that is used to clear a limb, a strike the neck, knee the stomach and finishes with a take-down. At the end of the video, you'll see footage of two of my students running through the drill for the first time. This is a flow drill, not a street-ready fighting combination. Iain put out a pad drill video about a year and a half ago. It looked like a mirror image of Kanku Dai to me. The part of this video the follows the arm bar was borrowed from Iain.


Andy Allen

Iain Abernethy
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Very nice!

Aside from a very nice drill well explained, what I found interesting was the fact that I saw differing kata for the exact same sequence. I can totally follow what Andy is saying re: Chinte and Kanku-Dai, but on first glance what I saw was Saifa (release and strike), Seipai (arm-bar), Matsomora Rohai (arm grip and knee), Bassai-Sho (push head under for takedown). I think this points to how universal principles are present across the range of kata … hence there not being the need (there may will be the interest) to know a wide range of kata, because at a certain point they are saying the same things technically let alone conceptually.

Another great video!

All the best,


Heath White
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This is great, Andy.  Keep them coming!

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Iain. You have discussed this at some of the seminars I have attended. I posted my video on Jesse Enkamp's "Karate Nerds" FB page and someone said it looked familiar to Saifa bunkai. He then provided a link to a Saifa video of yours. Same principles, different kata. Facinating stuff.