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Muchimidi\Tuidi Flow Drill

Hello, everyone,

I recently posted a video to social media showing a flow drill on an improvised kakiya/kakete-biki that made use of muchimidi (sticky hands) to transition between tuidi-waza (seizing hand techniques), which resulted in me receiving several messages from people who had trouble envisioning what the drill was meant to do to a person. While the pandemic has left me mostly teaching online private lessons and seminars, I do have a couple people in my bubble who train with me on occasion, and was able to steal one to illustrate the flow drill more effectively. As Iain said in his end-of-year podcast, this video is brought to you by PEOPLE! :P


Iain Abernethy
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Really nice to see the solo drill and the partner drill side by side like that! Thanks for posting Noah!

All the best,


PS “People! Coming to a dojo near you in 2021!” :-)