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Full Body Steel Mace Karate Warmup

Hey all,

This series of exercises really focuses on a lot of the main muscle groups we use in karate (Core, inner thighs, legs, hips). I think it's important that whatever supplementary training we do that it directly correlates to our karate. I find that after doing these movements, my core is pumped and ready for karate training. My hips feel open and my arms feel relaxed.

I do plan on putting together more detailed instructional videos of some of these techniques, but I wanted to share a snippet of each. While I am using a mace in this video, these exercises could very well be done with a sledgehammer, dumbbell, kettlebell or club. Keep in mind that using a tool where the load is closer to you, like a dumbbell, will change the dynamics of the movement a bit.

A few tips for these:

-Stay with a light weight and gradually build up (I'm using a 10lb mace)

-Keep a consistent, natural arc with the mace. Don't allow it to flail around. -Allow the arms to extend fully and naturally, but you may need to choke up a bit on the mace on those downswings.

-Core should be engaged throughout these movements.

-Don't forget to breathe!

-Have fun with the movements. You'll see some different ways to end these in the video, but you can experiment on your own.


Sal Belahi

Iain Abernethy
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Great post Sal! There seems to be a lot of interest in this training tool, and I’ll be sure to share this post via social media. Thanks for sharing!

All the best,


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Thanks so much for sharing, Iain. Really appreciate the support!