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Hopefully this doesn't break any rules it's not a spam these guys are not selling anything.

I think that this post should be required reading for all martial artists. Starts of with this paragraph.........


"If you’ve ever heard something like “we’ll do 500 punches/kicks to relax you- after your muscles are too tired to be involved, you’ll have pure technique” then you have heard some of the inaccurate training information that has plagued karate training for a while. It might make sense on the surface; relax those pesky prime movers and let my hips take over. Sensei says that muscle and strength won’t help me, only perfect technique.

Right. In the meantime, the damage that this sort of thing will cause to your joints, tissues and functional movement patterns will probably end up counter balancing any development that you may make. If the example above were so, why don’t we see professional American-style football coaches making their players do biceps curls and pushups to failure right before working on precision passing technique? This topic can get into some sophisticated concepts and jargon pretty quickly, but suffice to say, quality of practice and movement is more important than quantity- and focusing on quantity can sharply reduce quality."


As the content doesn't belong to me it isn't appropriate for me to post all of it here.........needless to say I found that it is all good stuff as is their whole blog. I's like an encyclopedea............Have a look and enjoy.


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I'm glad you posted this. When I went to school for massage I had a year of basic kinesiology, it pretty much made it so that I cannot sit through 90% of the mechanical explanations I see regarding Karate  on the web. Fortunately my own teachers stuff actually was actually validated for me by the experience, so that's something.

As far as Karate injuries go:

Working as  a massage therapist, one thing I have come across is that almost every long term Karateka I have met at one point or another seems to get something like iliopsoas tendonitis:


Seriously, find a good massage therapist like article says if you "overtrain" and get these kind of symptoms, I can do a psoas treatment in  ten minutes, and it usually helps the person for a few days.  I have mine worked on regularly too  and it makes a huge difference.