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Karate Throw from Kanku Dai/Kusanku

I found some old footage from 2018. This was originally shot as a resource for my martial arts 11 students. At the time they were preparing to make katas from 2-person drills they already created. This throw is similar to Funakoshi's half wheel but with a different head and arm grip. One of a number of throws my students had learned. Happy New year!

Iain Abernethy
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Hi Andy,

Nice throw! Interestingly enough, that was one Geoff Thompson had us do a lot. In game play, if they do step back, then we have the “crocodile roll” (not good for self-defence because you both end up on the floor). What I like about that initial position is that you can get that grip even when wearing boxing gloves. It was therefore a “go to” back in the heavy contact sparring days because the gloves took away a lot of takedowns, but you could still hook the arm like that even when wearing them. Thanks for posting!

All the best,


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The gator roll is fun. I did a video of that a while ago... 


I often discuss the suitability of things like the gator for self defence. It's part of our "assessment of understanding" as part of WCA requirements. Good for Dojo play. Not so much on sidewalks.