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One for the Kata historians amongst us!

If I told you that in 1938 (to around1940), in Japan, over a couple of years, a man had learnt the following kata - what style would you say he was practicing?

The kata are: Heian (5 of them), Bassai, Empi, Rohai, Kushanku, Tekki (3 of them), Jitte, Hangetsu & Jion

I`m just working on a theory, but wanted to know what you folks think/feel before I shed a bit more light on it



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Hi Stuart,

where in Japan did he learned these Kata?

In Tokyo he could have learned them at the universities or directly under Funakoshi. Motobu also tought in Tokyo but I would consider that he tought not that amount of Kata. Toyama Kanken would be possible but he would have called the Heian-Gata like his teacher Itosu called them, that is to say Pinan.

In Osaka he could have been a student of Mabuni but again his Heian-Gata would be refered to as Pinan-Gata.

So with no more aditional information and the hint that he learned Heian 1-5 I put my money on the surroundings of Funakoshi and the universities. In terms of style I am not sure. Nowadays it is generally refered to as Shotokan, but due to the fact that funakoshi was used as an observer only who visited the different university clubs once a month and that every club had its own teaching doctrine towards karate that is difficult to say. I am not sure if he learned a formalized style (which was recognized by the Dai Nippon Butoku Kai) at that time.

Regards Holger

Edit: Funakoshi commited to the style name Shotokan Ryu in May 1940.

When I go through the kata names then I recognized something strange. Funakoshi changed the names of the kata prior to 1936. Tekki-Gata was after the renaming known as Kiba-Dachi no Kata. Rohai and Kushanku were renamed to Meikyo and Kanku. Maybe your guy learend these Kata somewhere else?

Mhhh... Whats that theory? blush

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Hi Holger,

Thanks for your reply. I don't want expand on my theory just yet, as it may corrupt other answers.

I can answer your questions however, it was learnt at Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan.

But yes, its the kata names that are a mystery (a small hint there) :-)



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I am wondering if it was ahat we now call Shito-ryu taught by Miyagi sensei.


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Could it be from a school that was Wado-Ryu in its infancy.. as in part of the time it developed from Shotokan, but had quite reverted all the kata back to the old names?