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Advanced BTEC Self Defence Instructor Certification

BTEC Level 3 Advanced Award in Self Defence Instruction

Edinburgh, July 20th to 22nd, 2012      Cost:  £750 *** EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT AVAILABLE UNTIL 30th MARCH:  £600 **** An educationally-accredited vocational qualification in self-defence instruction, approved by the National Federation for Personal Safety and taught by leading educators in the field.


Online and On-site Training for Full Certification by NFPS and Edexcel

This course offers a professional, accredited qualification to those who wish to teach legally accurate, safe and effective courses in self-defence.   It is likely to appeal to martial arts instructors, personal trainers and operational physical intervention specialists who wish to gain a recognised qualification in modern self-defence training and instruction.

The course covers:

1:  The Law in Relation to Self Defence and Personal Protection

2:  Health & Safety Legislation for Running Self-Defence Courses

3:  The Workings of the primitive Stress Response

4:  The Science and Psychology of Combat

5:  Self-Protection Skills and Tactics Development

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Modern, Behavioural Approach

The physical skills portion of the course will include modern approaches to the short-term management of violent assaults, including topics such as:

• shortening Reaction Time by recognising pre-assault behaviour

•the primitive fight and flight response and associated fear mechanisms

•the relationship between arousal, stress and performance

•How Reaction Time and Decision Making effect motor skill performance

•capitalising on the natural strengths of the body’s survival system

 See our Feedback Video from our 2011 Instructor's Course


Online Materials + Three Days onsite

To successfully pass this course candidates will need to complete the following five learning outcomes. Candidates will be provided with and signposted to all of the resource material required to develop their knowledge and skill. These will include: Fact-sheets, e-books and online video resources and presentations.

The onsite training consists of three days, which will follow this broad schedule:

Day 1:        Pre-Course Knowledge and Theory Review and Q&A

Day 2:        Physical Skills Training and Development

Day 3:        Skills Consolidation and Coaching Development

Candidates are free to use and present their own self-defence methods for certification, however during this training we will be introducing a ‘behaviourally-based’ approach to teaching and training in self-protection to guide participants towards a modern standard.

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Experienced and Qualified Trainers

 Tony Torres

Defensive tactics instructor during his 9 years of service in the Search and Rescue and Nuclear Weapons Security fields in the US Navy and during his 13 year career as a decorated Master Police Officer in the City of Virginia Beach.  Mr. Torres also worked for Blackwater USA first as an instructor for Force on Force CQB Training then as a Team Leader in Iraq providing dignitary protection for US Department of Of State personnel including Ambassador Bremmer.  He is the former Chief Instructor for Tony Blauer's combatives programmes.

Gerard O’Dea 

Trainer and consultant to the security, health and social care sectors in the UK with multiple BTEC qualifications in the use-of-force,  Gerard has developed and delivered courses for a wide variety of professional groups whose roles require them to deal with vulnerable, but sometimes dangerous, client groups appropriately.  He has spoken at national events on the science and psychology of interpersonal conflict in these contexts and designs and delivers training programmes which reflect these realities.   

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Feedback from Previous Instructor Candidates

“All parts fitted well together with the video/online presentations supporting the physical skills aspect.  Both trainers were very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and related well to the delegates.  Course is excellent in this format.”

- Martial Arts Instructor, Stirling

“The course was run very professionally and both instructors were able to answer all questions.  The physical skills part was most interesting - thank you very much for spending the time to help us.”

- Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression Lead, NHS

“Course provided me with knowledge, tools and skills I will take away and use.  By the end I felt confident that I was going to be able to structure, design and give a class.  The presentation to peers was actually very helpful in pulling it all together”

- Self-Defence Course Leader, HM Treasury

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Hi All,

There is only a few days left to avail of the EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT for this course, which results in a vocational qualification, certificated to BTEC Level 3 by Edexcel.   Early Bird discount - £600 for the entire programme, including online presentations, study materials, 3 days onsite with the master-instructor team and full certification at the end of the course.

Go to the Course Webpage to learn more about this exciting opportunity to professionalise your knowledge.

Best Regards,

Gerard O'Dea