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You have go to see this.

I don't know how to discrib this.  Just watch it.  crying

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Amurika! :D

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i think dave is in the need of a medic  to say the least. I never used pepper spray but I figured it would take a few seconds to disable a person. Its not instant, the person needs to react to the spray hitting him. Pepper spray is an inflammatory. And works off the body’s natural reaction which can take a few seconds.

Although I’m a big advocate of pepper spray you should never put all your eggs in one basket.

Black Tiger
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LOL, Reminds me of the CS Gas Chamber in the Armed Forces, having to give name rank and number before we were let out.

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@black tiger: yap that was fun right? :-)

but those two guys, i dont know. Well, they made a point. you cant stop a running man with cs gas instantly.

By the way: it made me smile just from the beginning. Hilarious!

quote I'll put some water here .. just in case. havent seen him trying to reach for that water. though the cs guy could have helped in my opinion