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Can anyone please recommend somewhere or someone that can help with Hanko creation? Since this year has seen the biggest change in my Martial Arts in at least a decade I feel something new is needed. I created my own previously but now want something much more professional.

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Hi Peter,

do you need just a digital one or do you want a real stamp for official documents?

There are a few online generators you can play with. I can provide you with details if you like.

Regards Holger

Iain Abernethy
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Hi Pete,

I got my personal one (the small circular one) made here: http://www.jun-gifts.com/personalizedgifts/hanko/hanko1/hanko1.htm

The official one (the big square one) was made here: http://goodcharacters.com/in.html

The good characters folks were brilliant and I was delighted by the finished item and how they transliterated everything.

For the personal one, it should really be in katakana. They will make it in Kanji, but I'm told that western names in kanji is very wrong to Japanese eyes :-)

I did a lot of research on this when getting mine made so if you've any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch,

All the best,


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Thank you!

I've been trying to research myself but have found it quite difficult, hence coming here.

Initially I'm just after the "informal" version. I forget the correct term. I have the Katakana for my name (they're on my belt!) and have ensured that they are accurate. I'll create the Hanko myself and have a self-inking stamp made. It's not traditional but I'm happy to walk the line between traditional and modern.

At some point I'll seek the formal one, too and it was that one that I was struggling with.