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Mark B
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Chinto Bunkai Oyo

Hi all

A while ago I taught a seminar on Jion which received several excellent reviews.  Iain suggested that at my future seminars I might get some recording done.

As always at my seminars we began with a series of entry or isolated principle drills, followed by a few pad exercises, which help to emphasise the devastating impact being delivered during the applications. These sections weren't recorded, however the actual applications I taught were. 

There will be a few more clips to share at a later date, once I get them sorted.

I hope you enjoy! 

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Loved the session on Sunday

Everyone their seemed to enjoy their selves 

Loved learning ur approach to Chinto 

Thanks can't wait for next one 

Mark B
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Thanks Mike

The next one will  be in April or May next year, and will be structured around Jitte kata. The date will be confirmed sometime after Christmas .

Thanks again

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Great work! Thanks for sharing your ideas.  

Mark B
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Thanks Marc I'm glad you enjoyed them

Johnny Wilson
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Thanks Mark for another fantastic kata seminar. I've been to most of Mark's seminars over the past year or two and I cannot recommend them enough! The information and application Mark can extract from a kata is exceptional. The seminars are well structured and the information (and there's lots of it) is presented in such a way as it allows you to explore and experiment with the techniques and principles. This information can then be taken away and further explored in your own time/club. At £10 for four hours training in a relaxed atmosphere with really friendly people it's also exceptional value for money! Highly recommended!

Mark B
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Thank you Johnny, I appreciate your feedback very much, and I'm delighted you enjoy the seminars and find them of value