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15 Minute Warrior Workout (podcast and video)

This new podcast is a workout! The actual training takes just over fifteen mins and it a mix of conditioning exercises and martial motions. It is ideal for days where you are short on time and want to train in a way that stimulates technique, endurance, strength, and mind-set. It consists of thirty seconds of a given exercise, technique or martial combination, followed by 10 seconds of rest.

The workout can be quite intense and, as always, you should check with a doctor if you have any doubts about your ability to train in this way. You also need to ensure you know how to do all the exercises and techniques safety. The video below shows the methods, but it is not instructional. Consult your trainer / sensei if you have any doubts.

The exercises are timed (not a prescribed number of repetitions) so you can work at a pace appropriate for your current fitness level. The fitter you are, the more repetitions you should aim to do. You should aim for a pace that allows you to complete the full thirty seconds; where the last 5 seconds or so are a push.

There is a mental component to the workout too. Because it is intense, there will be the internal battle to quit or continue. Be sure to discriminate between your weakness asking you to stop or slow down so you avoid discomfort, and your body telling you that you need ease off to avoid overtraining and injury. You should try to push past the former, and always listen to the later.

Please watch the video so you understand the exercises and techniques used on the workout. Download the podcast to your MP3 player so you can train along with it when needed. Check with your doctor and trainers that this is suitable for you. As always, we sure to warmup and cooldown before and after the workout.

I hope you enjoy the workout and find it useful.

All the best,


PS You can find the video on YouTube here:

Download the MP3 file:

15 Minute Warrior Workout
Iain Abernethy