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4 Solo Naihanchi Tips

Hey guys, check out a youtube video of mine:


►SUMMARY: Given the COVID-19 Self-Isolation protocol issued by most governments, I am sharing 4 solo drills (inspired by Master Choki Motubu) you can utilize with the opening move for Naihanchi #1. 1. Elbow inspired by Muay thai 2. Clinch Strike - forearm smash 3. Wrestler's Collar Tie 4. Vertical Fist Arguably, these techniques are found in many martial arts and combat sports (e.g Muay thai, Wrestling, Wing Chun, Mantis, Choy Lay Fut, Silat, Pankaration, and many more). Looking into these other arts, inform my expression of my art. I suggest you try the same exploration activity; it might enlighten you, as it did for me! I hold no prejudice towards any art or sport, they are all functional, beautiful, and boundless at the same time!


► Table of Contents:

0:06 Intro

0:09 Demo of Opening Move Naihanchi #1

0:22 Tip #1 Muay Thai Elbow connection

0:29 Tip #2 Clinch strike - Forearm Smash

0:33 Tip #3 Wrestler's Collar Tie

0:47 Tip #4 Clinch Strike - Vertical fist

1:00 Flow drills: Solo and/or Equipment (BOB or heavy bag)

1:13 Outro



Iain Abernethy
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Nice video Chris! Short and on point ... like the close-range stikes demonstrated :-)