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Adult and Child Self Defence lesson with Jamie Clubb

In association with Shinkenmi Ni Tesseyo Karate, Jamie Clubb will be holding a double workshop on self-protection in Heddingham Grove, Birmingham. 

These workshops will cover the basics of soft skills (non-physical skills/personal security) and hard skills (physical skills/self-defence). Topics will include pre-incident indicators (natural warning signs), awareness (social and tactical), primitive stress response (understaning "fear"), pre-emptive striking, the law and post-fight considerations. 

The workshop combines a no-nonese approach, presenting the most up-to-date information available on the subject, with a unique individualized approach to learning. Please see client feedback on the sort of experience you can expect: www.clubbchimera.com/content/client-feedback 


Juniors (10:30 - 12:30) 5 years - 12 years

Seniors (12:30 - 15:30) 13 years and up

 Kit List:

Water, notepads and pens, towel, tracksuit, non-marking trainers, tee-shirt/sweat shirt.

 Coach info:

Jamie Clubb has over two decades experience in self-protection, combative systems and martial arts. He created the best-selling DVD series "Cross Training in the Martial Arts" and has written extensively for the martial arts press. He has instructorships under some of the world's most experienced self-protection pioneers, including Geoff Thompson and Mo Teague. He has a BTEC Advanced Certification in Self-Defence, is an A1 NVQ/QCF Assessor, is an affiliated instructor with the British Combat Association and the Martial Arts Standards Agency, a senior KEWAP (Knife and Edged Weapons Awareness Programme) instructor, a national tutor with the United Kingdom Martial Arts Alliance and a registered instructor with the National Federation for Personal Safety in addition to numerous senior level martial arts qualifications. His clients have included the Forensics Investigation Unit for the Solicitor's Regulation Authority, Response Security Training and numerous martial arts schools and centres.

 See www.clubbchimera.com for more information on Jamie Clubb, Clubb Chimera Martial Arts and their background and services.

 Payment info:

Cost: £10 for Juniors - £15 for Seniors

 Contact: Andy Rheeston on 07929989720 or arheeston@hotmail.com to book your place

 Cheques payable to Mr A Rheeston

97 Wheatcroft Drive,

Chelmsley Wood,


B37 7LL

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I presume that this is the seminar on the 4th of February, as you don't actually say here? Further to your e-mail invitation (which I think I replied to, but the memory isn't great these days) it's in my diary. I work alternate weekends. If I'm not working then I'll certainly be there. Thanks


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Jamies website's calendar lists the 4th of Feb 2012 - off to check my diary.

Iain Abernethy
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Jamie is fantastic and had a great deal of knowledge in this area. An event that I highly recommend as many as possible make it to.

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Hi All,

Yes this is arranged for 4th February sorry for not including it above I thought it was in there.