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Advice on self defense programs

Does anyone have any recommendations for a good online self defense training platform? In particular, I have noticed "Defense Lab" pop up quite a bit and was wondering if anyone here had any experience with that program or others that are worth investment ? Thanks All

Neil Babbage
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My only recommendation is that there is no such thing as a "good online..." anything when it comes to something physical (rather than mental). Ask yourself if you could become a good swimmer by watching online videos, or a great golfer? Probably not.  

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Thank you Neil for your opinion. However I respectfully disagree on a certain level. Considering what we are going through right now any form of training/learning is appropriate. In regards to the physical point you make. Yes its true, but only if you do not have a willing training partner or family member to work with. I have picked up many pointers solo by using Iains app as well as other online sources that I incorporate to my routine. I 100% agree that I could not learn to swim by watching a video or golf, but if I already know the basics then its fair to say that I can pick up certain tweaks by watching a breast stroke or chip shot video? Stay Safe and Healthy!!!

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I like most of what Defense Lab shares, although I have no experience with their paid programmes. Sometimes I think they move into the ‘fighting’ context without stating the difference with the selfdefense context. But other than that, I think their content is well delivered and well produced.