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Are Karate Drills Bad?

Hello, everyone!

I know that the title is a bit on-the-nose, and that most folks here will likely already be aware of what is being discussed in this article, but I still thought it might be beneficial for some, or at least provide for a bit of discussion. Thanks!


Iain Abernethy
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Hi Noah,

Brilliant article that covers a lot of the talking points we see around drills. Fundamental misunderstandings around a given drill’s purpose, especially when viewed in isolation from the wider training matrix of which the drill is part, is sadly commonplace; both within and outside of karate. Some of the “criticisms” we hear are akin to watching a boxer do bag work only to comment, “That’s ridiculous! When was the last time anyone fought a suspended bag in a boxing match!” Great article with many good observations!

All the best,