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Banned Methods!

WARNING: This podcast discusses the use of banned techniques in real world violence. It therefore may not be suitable for younger and more sensitive listeners.

In this edition of the podcast we discuss “banned techniques”.  This is a topic I’ve wanted to cover for a while as I personally feel there are many myths and illogical statements presented as “accepted truth” within the various sub-sections of the martial arts.

We start by analysing the prohibited actions of MMA and draw out a list of the techniques banned on safety grounds. We then look at each of these techniques in turn and ask how effective they would be in self-protection, and when used against a trained fighter. We also ask how effective the banned methods are when compared to legal methods, and if we realistically need to worry about using these methods and making our enemy mad as a result (as has been suggested by some).

The podcast also discusses the “rules paradox” which suggests that prohibiting certain methods permits more vigorous live practise, and that such practise can develop attributes that are more effective than the “dangerous” techniques that have been prohibited.

While not the main thread of this podcast, we also touch on some of the differences between consensual combat sports and non-consensual criminal violence.

It’s a nuanced topic with lots of avenues to explore!

Agree or disagree, I hope you find this an interesting and entertaining listen.

Thank you for the support of the podcasts!

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Banned Methods!
Iain Abernethy
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