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Basic 1-2-3 Padwork Drill (video)

This video shows a simple “1,2,3 Padwork Drill” with both fists and open-hands.

On the night this was filmed we had a lot of “warm” bodies in the room and hence the camera lens mists over during filming. The hall also has a bit of an echo so the sound quality is not great either.

This is a free video and you get what you pay for :-) All of our DVDs are filmed in studios by professional people and if you want good quality footage I’d direct you toward those.

Nevertheless, I hope you can follow what is shown and find it of some use. The aim of the drill is a simple jab, cross, hook (or front palm heel, rear palm heel, slap) delivered with bodyweight and continuous motion. These are not “tight”, “safe” strikes – such as one may employ in consensual sparring / fighting – but more open shots where stopping power is the overriding concern (after all, an unconscious enemy is a much more effective way to prevent you getting hit than any kind of overly cautious “guard”).  That said, we obviously don’t want “wild” swings, but we should “open up” and not rob the technique of power due to an overly cautious or defensive mind-set.

One other point to note is the way the hand is fully rotated on the hook. The alternative hand positions are also effective (palm in and palm down), but this position has the advantage of being less distant dependant. It is widely ignored in modern martial circles because of the influence of boxing and because boxing rules prohibit hitting with the “back of the fist”; it is nevertheless extremely effective and is widely found within many of the older versions of traditional systems.

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PS The YouTube link can be found HERE

Practical Kata Bunkai: Basic 1,2,3 Padwork Drill (fists and open-hands)