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Bassai Single Leg Takedown Defence


In this video I demonstrate how movements 17-19 from Bassai Dai can be used as a defence from a single leg takedown attempt. This drill is not my creation. I learned it in a BJJ gym I used to attend. The movements clearly fit the movements from Bassai Dai. First, use the shuto uke to make space between your *opponent's head and your chest (movement 17). Next get a grip on both arms (movement 18). Finally, pull the arms to your chest and kick down just like the kata (movement 19). I hope you enjoy this video. 

I used the term *opponent because I see this more as a fighting application tham one meant for self preservation.




Chris R
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I like it. It also fits with the context of the kata, as many people apply the preceding shuto in terms of having the lead forearm against the opponents neck. If that structure collapses or is pushed away, the opponent can drop their level and get a single leg. At which point this defense would naturally follow on as the next move in the kata. As an alternative variation, you could skip the shuto and instead push the head with your palm while getting a whizzer with your other hand. This ends up looking very close to the kata hand position, with a deep overhook and your other palm against his head. Then you can get your head position, grip his elbows, and pull your hands toward your chest as you kick to escape.