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Iain Abernethy
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Best motivational clip ever (very funny)!

Hi All,

Here is one I have simply have to share with you! Best motivational clip ever! Seriously, it made me laugh and cry. It also made everyone in my house laugh and cry too! Have a watch and see what we can learn from this clip!

The lessons I drew from this are as follows:

1 – Planning ahead is very important!

2 – Persistence WILL help you achieve your goals.

3 – All goals have a cost … when the cost is permanent neck injury the goal is generally not worth it!

4 – A good laugh can be more motivating and heart-warming than any slick well thought out presentation!

I seriously love this and want to express my deep thanks to the guy who filmed it, did not bother to edit it, and put it on the internet. I have not laughed that hard for days! Fantastic stuff!

All the best,


Boe Larsen
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Think he proved his point, though he might have missed out a little your point no. 1 :-)

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I didn't really learn anything new from that clip but I did have some existing knowledge confirmed, which often can be just as elucidating.

Namely...plywood is made up of sheets of wood glued together with their grain at right angles to each other. laugh

wayne williams
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What was he thinking, a plywood board? Should have used a plank. Or was the plank holding the plywood?enlightened

Al Peasland
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"do not give up - even when your head is throbbing" laugh

think that can be applied to most things too!  :-)