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Iain Abernethy
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Bunkai Bash 2 (27th to 29th of June)

Sadly I can’t make this year’s event (last year’s was a blast!) but I’m sure it will again be a great weekend! Details from the host below:

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into a field………

Bunkai Bash - 2

Let me invite you to Bunkai Bash - 2! This event is open to all bunkai enthusiasts who want training from some of the country’s leading bunkai instructors including, Andi Kidd, Rakesh Patel and many more!

From Friday Evening the 27th June till Sunday afternoon June 29th you will be treated to a bunkai spectacular at the Blackland Lakes campsite. We will have our own area of campsite for you to pitch your tent and then train for over 15 hours throughout the weekend.

With an indoor alternative venue in case of bad weather, nothing should spoil an excellent weekend of top quality instruction. If you want to bring some family the site has activities and there are lots of nearby attractions. http://www.blacklandlakes.co.uk/

The whole weekend’s training is only £60.00 and includes

  • Over 15 hours of quality Instruction
  • 9 Fantastic Instructors
  • 2 nights camping fees
  • Commemorative T Shirt
  • Certificate signed by all instructors
  • BBQ facilities provided for Saturday night (bring your own food)
  • Free scrapes and bruises!

If you want to bring other members of your family they will cost £10 each with no t-shirt, certificate or bruising!

This year we will have three new things!

· For those who thought the pace was a little relentless last year, we will be having a couple of lectures. If you don’t want to stop that physical work, we will have alternative sessions available.

· Is there a bit of kata or bunkai that just confuses you? You want to see what the Bunkai Bash instructors can come up with? We will be having a Q&A session over the weekend, when booking let us know what it is you are confused about and we will give you some ideas!

· Open Mike. Any bit of bunkai or a quick drill you want to show others? We will be having a session where you can show it off! Please ask about this when booking and we’ll see how many we can fit in!

If you want to improve your bunkai knowledge and attend the most concentrated amalgamation of top quality bunkai instruction then please email Andi Kidd at andi@genjitsu.co.uk as soon as possible.

Places are limited and must be paid for in advance.




07818 417 181

Bob Davis
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Had an excellent weekend, learned a lot of new stuff that I will be stealing for my own use and (most importantly) had an enormous amount of fun with a great group of people.

If you missed it this time around then put a mark in the calendar for end of June next year!