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Combat Karate in Winchester

Hi all,

So I'm moving to Winchester soon to start a new job and I was looking for an MMA club.

I came across "Combat Martial Arts" (http://combatmartialarts.co.uk/about.php), which on closer inspection appears to be a Karate club - which is fine for me as long as the training is good.

Has anyone trained with these guys?  Is it worth checking out?  Do they actually compete in the sport of MMA too?



Iain Abernethy
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The group has a solid grading history and good affiliations. It all looks very good to me.  You are best putting your questions to the group directly though. They will be able to tell you how the training works and if they engage in competitive martial arts (and what type). Their phone number and email address can be found on the contact us webpage: http://combatmartialarts.co.uk/contact.php

I’d also always recommend going to a class and seeing first hand if what is offered is what you are looking for. People’s tastes vary and that’s important to take that into account too. You can have great and effective martial arts that is still not the right “flavour” for any given individual.

All the best,