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A couple of fighting takedowns (video)

As promised here is another video taken at the class a few days ago. In this one I show a couple of related takedowns. I would class these takedowns as “fighting techniques” as opposed to self-defence methods because they deliberately take you and your partner to the ground and hence leave you in a very vulnerable position if anyone else should choose to get involved. That said, such methods are great fun to practise and important as part of an overall martial education I feel. As a word of warning, these need to be practised very careful – and under supervision – in order to avoid injury; particularly when making the transition to the ground. Having practised both the methods shown, and having got to the ground, the class then did just under fifteen minutes of continuous groundwork at a moderate pace in order to encourage “play” and flow. I hope this clip is of interest and I’ll be back with more soon.

All the best,