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Ricardo S Garcia
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Do-San Hyung Applications

Hello Everybody, as you may know I've been studying the Chang Hon Hyungs since I was a boy. I've been really inspired by everyone's work and contributions to the practical martial arts practice. 

I've made a set of applications for the form Do-San I believe they are pretty good and the draw off of some of the common grips you're likely to face in self protection.

I'd really love to see everyone's idea on what you feel the Hyungs shows and teaches

check out this video I posted to show my ideas on the Hyung:

Iain Abernethy
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Hi Ricardo,

Not a form I am personally familiar with, but I like how you’ve broken it down. The content is well structured, logical and easy to follow. Thanks for making and sharing with the community.

Headbutts are difficult to control, but it could have been worse. Thank your partner for us :-)

All the best,


Ricardo S Garcia
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Thanks for the feedback Iain, I'd have to agree the headbutts are difficult to figure out controlling the technique. It's definitely new to my training. I found that it fit will as a way to take and maintain control with the techniques of the form.   

I'm excited to share my ideas with the group and I hope that all the karate and tkd folks will find these applications useful. I know I've learn a ton of other variations on the techniques from all the karate forms but there are some great variations of the principles in these Chang Hon Hyungs as well. It's so exciting!   

Thanks everyone!