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Mr P
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Geoff Thompson

Hi, I've been watching some Geoff Thompson on YouTube. Really enjoyed watching him talk about the fence.

To anybody who has brought his stuff what would you recommend as the best buy or buys to get into his fighting approach and technique?


dan newton
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Hi there

Agreed, Geoff Thompson has some excellent infomatio on practical self defence, and has done a variety of books and DVDs on the subject. I have a selection of books by him and pretty much all of them i would recommend.

However as a first book, i would suggest you get Dead Or Alive (2nd edition). A fantastic book which covers all the areas of self protection (Awareness, Fear control, Attack rituals, Legal stuff, The Fence and the Aftermath). All his other books tend to focus on individual topics in more detail, but Dead Or Alive covers all of it in one book.