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Gojushiho/Useishi and Anaku/Ananku Kick-Catch Counter

Hello, everyone!

Many versions of the kata Gojushiho/Useishi, and Anaku/Ananku, feature a movement that some people refer to as "reverse hip thrust/drive." This is where a kick is thrown, pulled back to chamber, and then driven back at the same time a gyaku-tsuki is driven forward. In both kata, this is generally preceded by a number of punches. A clear, basic example of this can be seen in the "Superman punch" that occasionally shows up in MMA and kickboxing. This week, however, we take a look at how that movement can be applied against someone who has grabbed your leg by catching your kick or knee strike. The same idea can be applied in the process of defending against a single-leg takedown, as well.