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Heavy Bag Drill: Angles, Range, Multiple Weapons

Here's a challenging heavy bag for you.... or use your BOB.

  1. Nagashi Zuki ("flowing Punch")
  2. Mawashi Ude Uchi ("clothesline")
  3. shift to the side, Rear Leg Mawashi Geri, step back
  4. Overhand Right (Japanese???)
  5. Crash & Clinch (grab the head if you have a (BOB)
  6. Mawashi Enpi Uchi (round elbows) 7
  7. Shuffle step to hiza geri (knee strike)
  8. Shift to side, index with a tate shuto uke (vertical knifehand "block")
  9. Gyaku Zuki (reverse punch)
  10. Kage zuki (hook punch)


Iain Abernethy
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Hi Andy,

Very nice! Thanks for sharing!

All the best,