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Home Workout 8: 5th Kyu Kihon


Here's another Home Workout to help you work off that Covid belly! In this video, I will run through my 5th kyu kihon curriculum. This video includes a 15 min warm up. If you would like to skip the warm-up and go right to the syllabus kihon click here... 15:52.

For reference...

Kihon Combo #1: Kizami/Gyaku/Kage/Gyaku Zuki 16:17

Kihon Combo #2: Mae Geri/step back, gyaku zuki/kage zuki/uppercut 20:38

Kihon Combo #3: Mae geri step back/mae geri step forward 27:10

Kihon Combo #4:Yoko Geri Kekomi 30:28

Kihon Combo #5: Mawashi Geri 36:04

Kihon Combo #6: Shuto Uke 40:39



Iain Abernethy
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A great resource for home training during these unusual times! Thanks for sharing Andy!