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How to Use Layered Drills in Your Teaching


In this video I break down a 3-layered drill using dojo footage. Each layer has benefits and flaws.

LAYER 1 is functional contextual kihon (move in a natural way).

✓ Work on technique and form

X No partner to play with

LAYER 2 is the application of the kihon with a training partner.

✓ we have a real target

✓ real limbs to clear

X We can't hit

LAYER 3 involves the introduction of pads.

✓ We can hit!

X May have the wrong "feel". Pads can represent both a head and a limb. Pads make the limbs clunky.

LAYER 4 is pressure testing but that's not included in this video.

This approach is not unlike Iain's training matrix.

Using this holistic approach in your teaching and training can help avoid the development of training scars. For more information on training scars, check out my blog post. https://appliedshotokan.com/layering-karate-practice-to-avoid-training-scars/

Iain Abernethy
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Hi Andy,

Great video! Thanks for posting!

All the best,


Zach Zinn
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Really useful stuff Andy. I found myself on the same page in many places, and also got some new ideas.