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Iain Abernethy
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IMPORTANT: Email message / "Page not found"

Hi All,

The following message was sent to all members today. If you’ve followed the link here from the email and the website says “Page Not Found” it’s because you have not logged in. If you log in, you’ll be able to read the message.

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Message sent to all members wrote:
This is just a quick message to all website members. Quite a few website members have been emailing us to say they are not getting the newsletters. When we’ve looked into this it seem that some assumed that when they joined the site they would automatically get the newsletters. That’s not the case. The newsletters need to be signed up for separately via this link:


If you enter your details on that page and then click on the confirmation link that will be emailed to you, you’ll then get all the newsletters sent through. I hope that clears up any confusion.

Also remember that if you want to be informed the instant any new videos, podcasts, etc are added to the site that the Twitter feed and Facebook page may also be of interest:



Thanks once again for joining this website!

All the best,