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Information on realistic Goju Ryu Kata applications

Hi  everybody.

I am a Goju Ryu student and I am looking for some Kata Bunkai material on DVD. 

I've recently come across the Kissaki Kai DVD's on realistic Kata applications by Sensei Vince Morris. I am really enjoying his applications but I would like to know if anyone has come across material like Sensei Vince's but for the Goju Ryu Kata as I've seen that Sensei Vince's material on Kata bunkai covers the Shotokan Kata.

Thank you for your assistance


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take a look at the material from Taira Masaji or Kris Wilder. They are both adepts of Goju Ryu. Maybe that is what you are looking for and of any help.

Regards Holger

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Look up Kris Wilder. Others on here can recommend specific works. I'm not a Goju practitioner so can't comment on Goju kata. I can comment on Sensei Wilder though as I've trained with him (just once, although I certainly hope to again.)