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Karate Belt and Pad Conditioning Drills (video)

At this class we did some three-person conditioning drills. The way these work is that one person holds the pads, one person hits those pads, and the third person makes it as difficult as possible for the striker by pulling them at various angles with a belt; or pushing them backward for a given time.

The first drill shown uses the belt. It is very important not to simply pull in one direction as the striker can easily adjust to that. What the person holding the belt must do is pull at various angles so that the striker is constantly having to regain their balance and adjust the direction in which their muscles are working.

It’s also vital that the striker does no simply “coast” through the drill but makes a constant effort to get to the pads and to hit hard and fast. If they do that, the drill will develop aggression, metal focus, leg strength and anaerobic endurance.

The second drill is similar, but this time the person engages in a grapple and is pushed away from the pads. The pad holder remains static and gives the striker a set jab-cross-hook-cross combination.

If the grapple lasts too long it gives the striker a “rest” as they are spared the anaerobic peak of the punching combinations on the pads. The grappler should drive the striker back (as best as they can) for a few moments and then release the striker so they can hit the pads. Again this drill will also develop aggression, metal focus, leg strength and anaerobic endurance.

I hope you enjoy these drills and that you find them useful in your teaching and training.

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PS If you prefer to watch the video on YouTube please click HERE

Karate Belt & Pads Conditioning Drills