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Karate in Bradford?

Hey folks, 

Just a question, recently moved to Bradford and interested learning Kyokushinkai Karate. Does anyone know of any clubs or instructors in the area? There is a Leeds/Wakefield club but it runs on a Wednesday evening which I'm unable to attend due to work!! 

Failing that, could anyone else recommend a similar style? I'm interested in learning Kyokushinkai because of its hard physical training and knockdown sparring. I have lots of experience in Kickboxing and Muay Thai so Kyoksuhinkai appeals to me to improve my kickboxing skills, although I am very interested in learning forms and kata, I'd want to train full contact karate, not points or light contact.

If no one can help out, I'll probably contact the Leeds/Wakefield Sensei and do private tuition, but id rather join a club in the area. 

Thanks guys,


Iain Abernethy
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Hi Lawrence,

I've just shared the link via facebook and I'll let you know if anyone replies.

All the best,


PS We need to chat family trees to see if we are related :-)

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As far as I'ma aware... the Leeds/Wakefield is the only Kyokushin in the area. Hopfeully Iain's FB message will come up with something though

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Hi guys,

As a follow on from the previous post after along lay off I'm looking to start training karate again,  I trained in Shotokan as a teenager which is around 20 years ago now.  Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations on dojo's in or near Bradford.  I'll be starting from scratch so it doesn't matter whether the club practices Shotokan or another style.

Thanks in advance for any help

Cheers Scott

Mark B
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Hi Scott My dojo is in Halifax, which depending on which side of Bradford you're in could be quite close. The main route from Bradford to Halifax via Queensbury passes right by my dojo. Please feel free to PM me if you would like any details Regards Mark

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Hi Mark,

Thanks for getting back so quickly - Could you tell me a little about your dojo please, training times,  style, venue etc.,

Thanks again


Mark B
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Hi Scott, I'll send you a PM

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Thanks Mark

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Hi Scott,

My dojo is on the other side of Keighley, in Steeton, if that is of any interest to you.



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Hi Oliver,

Thanks for the interest

I attended for a one to one training session and a normal class at Mark B's dojo (see above).  I am thoroughly impressed!  Mark teaches okinanawan karate, he has explained that the main focus of the training is naihanchi kata;the kata's bunkai and the techniques taught are used at a close quarter distance and from a personal perspective the techniques are realistic and simple enough to work in the real world, no high kicks or freestyle sparring.  From my time spent working on psychiatric wards and my current job working as a drug and alcohol nurse in the community (based in bradford) self protection is increasingly important as I lone work a lot in areas I wouldn't normally venture into, so it is nice that Mark immediately emphasised that there are zero sporting applications in the stuff he teaches.  The style of Mark's teaching so far overlaps with existing knowledge i picked up from my 5 years training in Chinese martial arts, 7 star praying mantis kung fu and tai chi cheng man ching style tai chi, as many techniques in the naihanchi kata can be found in forms of these arts.  I intend to stay and train with Mark and the guys at the dojo in the long term, and I feel it's the ideal place for me to restart my karate journey.



Mark B
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Thanks  for your kind words Scott. You've grasped the core and essence of what I teach. Your experience of Kung Fu systems certainly helped too, as I study karate for influences pre Okinawa. It's been great having you join our group. 

Naihanchi is absolutely  the core, however, my syllabus also contains Jion, Passai and Aragaki Seisan up to Shodan,  and Jitte thereafter. More than enough study there!

Oliver,  I'll look forward to meeting you when you attend my Naihanchi seminar in April.

I often get requests  for visits to my dojo, either to a regular session,  or 1:1 . If anyone ever fancies that feel  free to contact me