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Karate-Jutsu / Karate-Do

In this podcast we discuss the concepts of “jutsu” and “do” and the related benefits and shortfalls of “karate-justu” (karate for real fighting) and “karate-do” (karate for physical and mental development). In the podcast we examine both approaches and see where they differ and where they have common ground. These two suffixes are becoming more significant these days as the need to differentiate between the many activities that reside under the coverall banner of “karate” increases.

In recent times, the term “karate-do” has become associated with ineffective karate that makes little or no attempt to train in a realistic way. The other side of coin is that those who tag themselves as practitioners of “karate-jutsu” are often viewed as dangerous psychotics who revel in violence and who are base individuals unable to appreciate the higher aspects of the martial arts. Are these views justified? Are we using the terms “jutsu” and “do” in the right way? We also look at what a number of history’s most influential martial artists had to say on this subject. This includes the thoughts of Gichin Funakoshi (founder of Shotokan), Hironori Otsuka (founder of Wado-Ryu) and Jigoro Kano (founder of Judo). I hope you enjoy this podcast and I’ll be back with more in 2008!

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Karate-Jutsu / Karate-Do
Iain Abernethy