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Iain Abernethy
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Karate Marathon: Instructors Wanted

Are any instructors able to help with the red sections?

All the best,


Karate Marathon in aid of MIND

Between Thursday the 28th of May and Thursday the 4th of June, Ronin Goju Karate, based in Leeds, will be attempting to complete a Karate Marathon in aid of MIND – the mental health charity. This involves the club owner (Tony) and his wife (Sarah), who is also an instructor at the club, completing 26 hours training, across 7 days, with as many different clubs as possible. This is not restricted to Goju or even Karate as both are happy to jump head first into any martial art.

Email: Tony Valentine (click name for email) or call 07501910788 if you can help.

Bob Davis
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I can do either Sunday 31st May pm or Monday 1st June am but as this is a special I'd need to book a room (my usual hall may well be available Sunday night, Monday morning more of a problem). I'm in Croxley Green, 5 mins from Watford (by car) or one stop on the Met line. Just need enough notice to book the space if interested. http://www.redfishkarate.co.uk