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Black Tiger
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Kicking Through Baseball bats!?!
All, is there a specific technique for kicking through baseball bats and what's the best way to practice/condition the legs so you can do it? Also what's the best kind of bat to use? I was also thinking about getting a a 1 x 2 plank to kick through instead! I have a demo to do in May and was thinking of items to fill my slot with, hopefully getting some new students at the same time Thanks
Dave Moore
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get some balsa wood it will be kinder on your body and look mighty impressive when it splinterswink

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I remember when I was a kid, many many years ago ;-), I trained at Kenny Waltons Tae Kwon Do school in Bradford. We did regular demos at which we would break boards and stuff and people would clap, maybe raise the occasional cheer and we would feel good about ourselves. That was in the mid 80's and everyone has seen it a million times, personally I think thats all a bit old now.

Braking boards or bats doesnt relate to any kind of self protection skill at all. I reckon you will recruit far more students (and the right kind of students) if you demonstrate what your art can do for them in the real world.


Andrew Carr-Locke
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Watch the Fist-Foot Way. Great movie. 

second guess the whole demo thing- unless of course you are really just giving people a peek at what the class training sessions are like. 

The most successful demo's I've done are to just simply run a regular class in front of people. No fancy moves, no changes in posture or attitude because 'its a demo'. Just have fun and perform in regular training.