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Kihon is a TOOL, not a GOAL (Blog Announcement)

In most "traditional" karate circles today, kihon is practiced for the purpose of preparing for rank promotion. The GOAL is to get good at kihon. I believe that kihon should be much more than that. Kihon is a TOOL, not a GOAL. The truth is, Shotokan kihon is far too formalized to serve us well in developing functional skills. It's form over function approach renders it of very little use in developing TRANSFERABLE skills. Our kihon should help us gain skills that can be used "as is" for the purpose of striking with force, throwing, etc. In this video, I am focusing on kihon for striking skills. I describe 7 flaws in typical Shotokan kihon which are listed and timestamped in the video description. As I write this, I realize that there are more flaws in traditional kihon than what I have listed. Can you think of any?


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