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Kris Wilder interviews Clint Overland (podcast)

Kris Wilder interviews Clint Overland in this interesting podcast. WARNING: This is a graphic look at the reality of violence and contains explicit content: “Big, brawny, and utterly brilliant in his work environment of violence, and mayhem. Listen as Clint explains, why you do not want to be a bouncer, what smart bouncers looks for, what they hate, and the results of stupid, unstable people on alcohol and other drugs.”

Listen to online: http://www.martial-secrets.com/2011/10/09/clint-overland-%e2%80%93-animal-list-bbq-interviews-2011/?-animal-list-bbq-interviews-2011/

Direct download link: http://www.martial-secrets.com/podpress_trac/web/1081/0/MS_clintoverland_animalbbq2001.mp3

It’s hard to concentrate when you are on fire” – Clint Overland

Violence is not a pretty thing” – Clint Overland

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A photo of Clint and me at the BBQ where the podcast was recorded. If you look over my left ear you can see the Kris Wilder (interviewer) “photo-jacking” me! Did you know plastic coffee lids can be lethal weapons?! Neither did I until I spent some time talking with Clint. Scary stuff. His tale of the time he had to eject a “large” naked little person from a bar was also something I’ll never forget! Very funny! :-)

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