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Kyokushin Kata Book

For anyone practising Kyokushinkai Karate, The IFK Kata book is a great source of information, very clear pictures with detailed descriptions of all the Kyokushinkai kata in it, I have had all three versions of the book (the kata have not changed, just updated with regard to typo's etc.) and have found them invaluable... the book can be found here: https://www.kyokushinuk.com/product/3rd-edition-kyokushin-kata-book/



Andrzej J
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Agreed - it's a terrific source for studying the katas in a great-looking package. But one thing that's sadly missing from the latest edition is any indication of bunkai (the first edition of the book did suggest some applications - some of which I thought were more credible than others). Still, well worth having for anyone who's interested.

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I have to admit, I dont miss the bunkai from the earlier versions, it was very basic. I prefer to play with the kata to find my own bunkai, although in kyokushin in general there is not a huge amount of bunkai taught, and what is taught is generally basic.