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The Land of Karate

Hi folks,


Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3: it shows the Hanashiro Jion which is shown in Karate-Do Taikan.

Part 4 :

and there is more to come... Check for more here http://okkb.org/?page_id=1159

Regards Holger

Jason Lester
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Hi Holger, great find and always fascinating to watch anything about okinawan karate.

Ive never thought or trained karate as a sport, karate is a highly combative, close quarter fighting system and has been watered down through free sparring and competitions. Kata and bunkai are the soul of karate and very slowly karateka are returning to a much deeper study of kata and its bunkai.

One must remember that in the days of the masters there were no competitions, grades and coloured belts and three katas were more than enough which very few of todays dojo, if any study this way.

It may seem appealing to have a coloured belt grading system but this can sometimes mislead students, how many times have instructors been asked, when is my next grade or belt!.

Its important to pass on ones karate knowledge, katas of the masters and for students to progress but one can do this with very few kata and without a collection of coloured belts, this way one can get a real understanding of  karate.

Again great find.

Kind regards,


Iain Abernethy
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Nice find Holger. Thanks for sharing!