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Looking for a club in Ottawa/Gatineau Canada?

Hi folks, 

I'm interested to know if anyone here has recommendations for clubs focused on practical self-defense in the Ottawa, ON or Gatineau Quebec region of Canada?  I'm moving to the capital region next week and would like to find a new club.

I'm rather new to martial arts - I've only been training for a year. I'm not wedded to a style or art form. I've put more time into the Chinese martial arts. I've been previously training in North Shaolin and sport Sanda. But I also did a few junior belts of Karate as a kid.

I'm looking for any recommendations for tradtional Karate or Kung Fu in the area that take a practical approach and hopefully use kata-based sparring.

I would be really grateful for any help provided.  Cheers,


Iain Abernethy
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Hi Alex,

I'll also share this via social media and see what we can drum up.

All the best,