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Martial Arts & Mental Health by Gareth FitzGerald

Martial Arts & Mental Health: How they help us heal and grow

by Gareth FitzGerald

Are you interested in better mental health?

Do you want to learn why martial arts is great for mental health?

Do martial artists have super mental abilities and how do you get them?

Are you studying a martial art or thinking of starting? I

Would you like to learn the secrets of the martial art without ever having to train?

Then this book is for you...

The Japanese usually refer to people having 3 masks or faces. The first mask (public) is the one we show the world. The second mask (private) is the one we show to the people closest to us. And the third mask is who we are inside. This is our authentic self. Our true self. The one with all our strengthens and weaknesses, all our good points and bad, all our desires, loves and hates. When your authentic self, behaves in-line with your public and private masks then you will be at peace, you will be happy, and life should feel easy. If, however your authentic self is at odds with the mask you show the life may feel like you are swimming upstream not with the flow.

This book aims to show how correct training in the martial arts can improve your mental health, your relationships and improve the way your interact with the world around you. It will show how martial arts can increase self-confidence, self-esteem, physical fitness and mental abilities. How students all over the world become calmer, more centered, self-disciplined and self-aware. It will show how perception is different to reality.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Overview & Delusions
Chapter 3: The Physical Body and The Mind
Chapter 4: Anger Management, Hierarchy of Needs & Case Studies
Chapter 5: Martial Arts & Psychology
Chapter 6: Mindfulness, Zanshin, Shoshin & Mushin
Chapter 7: Attitudes & Character Building
Chapter 8: Dojo Kun & Way of Life
Chapter 9: Sensei / Student relationship, Self-defence & Sport
Chapter 10:Thought of the Day (Bonus Chapter)
Chapter 11:  Conclusion