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Ian H
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Martial Secrets Podcast (Kane/Wilder) ... ???

A while ago I stumbled upon the Martial Secrets podcast put out by Lawrence Kane and Kris Wilder.  They were great.  A lot of the readers here will recognise these names, and perhaps have even trained with them.  Anyhow, these podcaste were, in my humble opinion ... *ahem* ... the second-best martial arts podcast anywhere.  

Anyhow ... 

... now these podcasts appear to have disappeared from the internet.  (Well, that was a while ago, but I've just joined here, and am hoping someone might know something ...).  Is there anywhere one can still access the archives of the podcasts?  

Any info greatly appreciated.  

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Hi there I also used to listen to the podcast, few months back tried to download it again after having to reboot my device. Found nothing :(

a search for for kriswilder.com brought this though http://kriswilder.com/category/podcasts/

hope it helps

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I happened to see Kris in person recently. Regrettably I wasn't able to actually train with him on his recent UK visit but still managed to see him. Should the oppotunity present, I highly recommend you take an opportunity to train with him. He has incredible skill and deep understanding but it's also always such a pleasure training with him.

I thought we hadn't had a podcast in a couple of months so I asked him. Actually it's over a year now. They've stopped doing them and so the feed no longer exists. Kris and Lawrence were both finding it hard to find the time to create the podcast. Not so much the actual recording but the scheduling and editting. And they were struggling to keep it fresh too.

Remember that they have several books out if you want more of their material.