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Muay thai kata (form)

I stumbled across this video the other day. Of a muay thai kata, or the title says muay thai boran. And thought it was rather interesting, but then I had a lot of questions

It was my understanding muay boran no longer existed. Or am I mistaken on this?

It was also my understanding that muay thai didn’t have kata and muay boran was the one with the kata. So I’m bit confused. While this video appears to be from thai land (and im just going by the background) they also announce during the video it is part of thai boxing (or something to that effect)

So im also wondering if it would be muay boran or muay thai?

Or is it possible that someone just made this up and its not really from muay thai at all?

it would be nice if it was an actuall muay thai or muay boran video, i was wondering if any one had any opioions on it either way.


Mr P
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From what I understand Muay Boran is the precurser of Muay Thai, the latter being the sports form of the former real combat form. But, I am no expert.

What I liked about the video is that is demonstrated practical function over form and I could see many moves similar to karate moves, all be it more circular rather than linear and a great emphasis on close range elbow and knee strikes.

It did make me wonder if high kicks were a very real credible attack in past clultures were few restrictive clothing is worn for real combat. Just a thought!

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as far as I know (and that is not much):

Muay means boxing, Boran means ancient. So it is ancient Thai boxing (Muay Thai Boran). As the name tells it is the old school stuff nobody wants to teach anymore because you can earn money only with teaching the modern stuff. Muay Boran was probably used together with the weapons stuff called Krabi Krabong within the siamese military.

I don't thing that someone made that up.

Regards Holger

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i just relised that video is part of a dvd serious as well.

thanks, muay thai isnt my strong point for history, so i lnow very little about.

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Muray Boran is the predecessor of Muay thai to my knowledge. I dont know if muay thai had patterns, but they certaintly arent practiced regulary nowadays

Iain Abernethy
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With all due caution that we always need to have when reading Wikipedia, there is this here which may help: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muay_boran

“Traditionally, Muay Thai masters would teach the techniques of muay boran to advanced students but this is not often done today. Professional boxers consider it a waste of training time for them to learn techniques that they won't be able to use in competitions and tournaments. Even in Thailand it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a school willing to teach it; they prefer to focus on "modern" Muay Thai, as this is more easily exploitable as a form of income.”

Sound familiar? :-)

All the best,


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im not much into thailand arts, but i find it a great lose when we lose any style regardless of how i may feel about it

 i have talked to a few mma practitioners, and they seem to feel practicing techniques that are not allowed in the ring takes away from their valuable training time, which I can see that might be the downfall of muay boran being so rare and eventually dying out. It would be sad if that is the case or happends