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Black Tiger
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A New Knockdown Book!


I want to recommend this book to you all to get. Its written by one of our own on here and i think its an absolutely excellent book.

Many people who have read it are already asking for a hard copy, maybe Iain might be able to assist with that.

Its a really good book and it keeps you intrigued from beginning to end.

I apologise for Taking the Glory of one of the Best KnockDown KarateKa's in the UK has to offer. But I am sure he wont mind me recommending this to you all



Thanks Gary, looking forward to a Hard Copy and possibly a part 2

Gary Chamberlain
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That's very kind of you to say.

The book is really just a brief recollection of things I overcame on my journey to the 1981 tournament. I was a 'strong and determined' competitor by then (quote: BKK magazine), but when I started training I had no self-belief or confidence at all.

If reading about my training helps a few youngsters; then I'm a happy man.smiley

I was a competitor rather than a fighter, a rescuer not a warrior; but some things may have relevance in both areas. Gary

Stuart Ashen
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Thanks for posting the link Black Tiger.


an entertaining read, and well done for getting it out there! Just goes to show how karate jitsu can also be karate do if you ask me. 


Gary Chamberlain
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Thanks Stuart, glad you enjoyed it.

I've been pleasantly surprised by the reviews.  Seems not everyone wants to read about 'naturals' and the story of someone who struggled a bit (me) rings a few bells.


Gary Chamberlain
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Print on demand version (hopefully) available soon.

My thanks to those who've reviewed the kindle book, including Gavin Mulholland and Goran Powell Gary

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Is there anybody out there who hasn't read or been inspired by this outstanding book yet?

Gary Chamberlain
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Kind of you to say Andy.

Knockdown isn't for everyone so I never expected a best seller.


But those who have read it seem to have enjoyed it, so for that I'm thankful.


Iain Abernethy
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Loved this book! A true page-turner that all karateka will gain insight and inspiration from. A modern classic that everyone should read.

All the best,


Gary Chamberlain
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Thanks Iain

I've been heartened by the support and reviews, many from people I've known and respected for years.

Knockdown is a strange game.  A bit like Rugby, savage one minute but friends the next.  

The honest competitors all feel fear.  Whether it's fear of getting hurt, fear of letting the club down or fear of looking a chump it still rears it's ugly head and has to be managed.  So it was nice to explore and explain that a bit.

Thanks again!


Black Tiger
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Eric Forsythe
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Bought and read this book in the same day.

Great book and as has been mentioned,a real page turner..

Would highly recommend.

Gary Chamberlain
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A great review of 'The Way of Knockdown' in Martial Arts Illustrated (Dec 2013)  

Thanks Bob Sykes, much appreciated.


EDIT:  I was at the BKK Knockdown tournament this weekend and it was great to see some of my old opponents.  We're all getting old now (I fought in the 1st, this was the 37th) but we all agreed the experience of competing 'back in the day' had a profound effect on our lives.

This is what combat sport does.  It can't 'give' you anything, it simply helps you find something within that the timid never unlock.  As a far wiser man than me once said "The only faith you need is faith in yourself"