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Niseishi / Nijushiho Bunkai Drill (video)

Here is a quick clip taken at yesterday’s seminar in Edinburgh. This is a drill from Niseishi / Nijushiho mapping out options from a double collar grab. Although the methods are presented in a single drill that follows the kata sequence, it should be understood that there is no need to stick to the drill in application as the order can be varied and other methods added in.

Those who are familiar with my general approach to bunkai will know that Stage 1 is learning the solo kata. The bunkai drill presented in the video would be Stage 2. The next thing to do is vary and adapt the motion inline with the principles demonstrated by the drill (Stage 3). This is important so we can be versatile and adaptable and to stop us getting fixated on the kata example so we can progress to intuitively understanding and applying the combative principles upon which kata is based. We then need to drill the methods with resistance and in live drills (Stage 4).

I hope that the drill shown is of interest. These clips do seem to have been quite popular so I’ll keep filming and putting them up on a regular basis. Thanks to all for your support of them!

All the best,


Practical Kata Bunkai: Niseishi / Nijushiho Bunkai Drill