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Iain Abernethy
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The Penny Bridge Boy by Dan Redmond

If you are on lockdown and in need of a good book to read, may I suggest “The Penny Bridge Boy” by Daniel Redmond. Peter, Kris Wilder and I have all provided endorsements for the book and highly recommend it!

INFO: This book is an uncompromising 'survivor's tale' of being bullied, brawling and bad attitude. Dan takes us on a journey to a time and place of self-reliance and then after a lifetime of study in the martial arts he now firmly believes that violence is not the only answer to solving problems.

The book costs £14.50 + post - packing. Inquiries to Dan Redmond. Tel 07976987696. Email chujo@hotmail.com.  Paypal or bank transfer accepted.


PETER’S REVIEW: I was hooked early on in the book to find out that Dan was born in the next village to where the 21st President of the United States was born and from then on I was captivated enough to read the book in one sitting. Brought up in a supportive family, but dogged through his youth by violence, which certainly shaped his formative years, this had him walking a fine line with authority.

As many people will attest who have been through similar and often damaging experiences it was the martial arts that pretty much saved Dan, gave him direction and steadied the ship. Eventually, as you’ll read, his pursuit of knowledge and the best training in Karate took him to such places as Japan, Okinawa and the States on a number of occasions.

Over the years Dan has built up a very solid reputation in the karate world and his journey through life with the martial arts as his compass is engagingly told in this well written biography. This is a book for everyone not just martial artists as the life lessons are of value to all of us.

KRIS’S REVIEW: This is a Man’s book written for men. Dan Redmond takes us to a time and place of self-reliance, honour and dignity for which, in our hearts, we long. The head winds of life are strong; a man's spirit can be stronger. Dan proves it by sharing his admittedly imperfect life perfectly.

IAIN’S REVIEW: I’ve known Dan Redmond for almost 20 years; at least I thought I knew him. The Dan Redmond I’ve known is warm, funny, supportive, widely enthusiastic, honest, forthright and a fighter to the core. He is all those things in spades; as you’ll find but when you meet them man himself as you read his words. I knew that Dan before I read this book and it was nice to spend some more time with him. However, what I found to be a real joy was meeting a whole new Dan too! I’d never met Dan the child, Dan the young man, and Dan the storyteller before. It was a joy to make their acquaintance too!  Again, you’re about to find that out. Dan Redmond is a unique man, from a unique part of the world, and who has led a unique life. You’ve made a smart choice in choosing to make his acquaintance. You’re in for a treat!