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Pinan / Heian Yodan Bunkai: Armlock (video)

This clip was filmed at a two day seminar in Nuremburg, Germany. Over the weekend we covered the applications of both the Pinan / Heian series and Kushanku / Kanku-Dai. Particular emphasis was placed on the interaction between the two systems. The sequence shown in this clip is common to both.

When we had looked at an individual sequence we added it into some drills we had been working on. These free flowing drills contained many of the motions found within the kata and hence provide a time-efficient way of practise.  In this clip, only one individual kata sequence is discussed.

In the clip I also talk about “clean practise” and “adding in the dirt”. Clean practise is when the technique is practised in a totally compliant way devoid of combative context. This type of practise is done initially so that the student can learn the fundamental mechanics of the motion. It is, however, vitally important to then move on to “add in the dirt”. This is when the practise becomes more open and the technique is placed in a combative context. The uke will attack and move in an unscripted and realistic fashion with the only constraint being that they must provide the feed for the technique being practised at some point. The step after this would be to move on to live kata based sparring (see website for more details).

As always, it is impossible to convey the totality of a full weekend of training in a few minutes. It is also impossible to show where the kind of practise shown sits within the much larger training framework. Nevertheless, I hope this short clip and this text is of interest to you. I’ll be back with more soon!

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PS If you would prefer to watch this video on YouTube please click HERE

Practical Kata Bunkai: Pinan / Heian Yodan Arm-Lock