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Pinan / Heian Yodan Bunkai: Gedan Juji Uke Strangle (video)

In this video we cover how the gedan juji-uke (lower cross “block”) from Pinan / Heian Yodan can be used as a front strangle. In the kata this strangle comes after strikes to the arteries of the neck; we therefore see the kata exploring the theme of how this area can be attacked by both striking and then squeezing. I teach this method as following on from a grip much used by kata. This grip is also briefly explained in this video.

The strangle make use of the clothing and hence the clothing needs to be strong enough to support the technique. As with all front strangles, the vulnerability is that the recipient could attack the applier’s groin. This technique limits that possibly somewhat by tying up one of the arms, bending the enemy forward and limiting the angle of attack through the position the leg. However, that possibility still needs to be acknowledged. It is possible to flip the enemy over should they attempt such an attack (a method found in Chinto / Gankaku kata); and the changing of stance, as shown in the video, can also further limit that possibility.

As always, great care should be taken when practising strangles. You should not practise this unless you are being supervised by a suitably qualified and experienced instructor.

I hope you find the video interesting!

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Pinan / Heian Yodan Bunkai: Gedan Juji Uke Strangle